The Practice

Step One: Take a moment, slow down

Step Two: Be present with your experience

Step Three: Give it room to be “as is”

Step Four: Watch it transform

Step Five: Be open for a surprise

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Lela’s Blog

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On Life, Healing and Dying – Part 1
On Life, Healing and Dying – Part 1   This is the story of  two women who were very different in many ways but who somehow shared their deaths with me in significant and life-altering ways. This story will be spread over three  posts, each revealing one phase of the events. The first part of [...] Read More »


When the student is ready the teacher comes. We simply need to dare let it happen. Choosing to get help is courageous because it means that we will change out of uncomfortable yet familiar ways of seeing our world. Happiness can not be found in old, stale ways of relating to ourselves and others. Happiness is a bid for power and a commitment to change...

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Meet Lela

Hello and welcome! You made it! I invite you to relax and sit back. Hopefully the stories about my work, my travels and my inner discoveries I share here will assist you to create the still space where transformation can happen. I am passionate about life, all aspects of it, the easy and the difficult. I am passionate about feeling. I love the intelligence that emerges when we dare to feel no matter what the feeling is… Read More »