There is much wisdom in daring to be with what is; the difficult and the easy. Getting to know them both intimately, not to overpower the uncomfortable because it doesn’t fit with what we think we want to experience, is of core essence. The life that emerges out of this kind of humbleness has a richness and depth that far surpasses our expectations.

My passion to awaken to who I really am, has brought me all over the world both as a student and as a teacher. I started my search for truth while touring in India with Rajneesh International Theatre Group. I studied under H.W.L. Poonja and taught Satsang, an Indian philosophy, in Europe, the United States and Australia until I settled back in Switzerland to raise my two sons. There I studied Dzogchen with Namkai Norbu Rinpoche. In the last years I have learned shamanic practices with PowerPath and shamans of different traditions in South America and Mexico. I am presently expanding my yoga knowledge and teaching to include the Kaiut yoga method. I have worked with individuals and groups for over 30 years. I am certified Feldenkrais practitioner and yoga teacher;  certified in The Work of Byron Katie and Emotional Body Enlightenment. I live in Edmonton, Canada and Maui, Hawaii and own Integrated Counselling with my husband David Solazzo. I also teach seminars and workshops worldwide.