A Shamanic Approach to Life

My work is shamanic in the sense that it focuses on different levels of perception: the physical through Kaiut Yoga, the mental through my Emotional Awareness practices and the spiritual through Ancient Shamanic practices. It is a constant approximation to truth, a fluid discovering.

I have taken my Mesa (see photo), my most favorite shamanic tool, as a symbol for my work. I learned how to create a Mesa from Turibio, a Quero shaman (the Queros live very high up in the Andes, Peru, above the Sacred Valley) and Jose Stephens, my American  shaman teacher. My Mesa travels with me everywhere. When I come to a power spot, I take it out of my backpack and let it soak up the energy. I use it in sessions, it sits on my altar when I write or read or paint. It is my companion. It contains rocks I have found, crystals, little holy trinkets from pilgrimages I have gone on, nothing of intrinsic value but much of personal value.

I use it as a symbol for my work because it is a tool that is as much a receiver as it is a giver. It holds what is important and removes what is unimportant. When I meet someone else who owns a Mesa we can stack them on top of each other and the two Mesas. It is said that the two mesas will exchange all the information they have gathered in places, in healings, in ceremonies. As time goes on the Mesa becomes more and more powerful, an object of wisdom and light.

There is no hierarchy of power in Mesas. They are always open to transfer any power they have to another Mesa, another tree, a human, a rock.

In my life, in my work with clients, in my creative expressions, I strive to welcome what is no matter what. I continuously am letting go of the pictures my mind creates of how things should be. Instead I make room for “what is”. I explore it intimately, which usually involves slowing down enough to feel what I am feeling and give it room.

This is a space where I would like to share the pathways I have found in my forty year long search and practice, pathways that have made it possible for me to have more and more physical and inner freedom. My intention is to become a still point from which you can let go of ideas that don’t serve you. This site is also a place where you can book sessions with me if you are drawn to do that. Wether you chose to do a yoga class with me or want to explore ways to become more effective with your inner work doesn’t matter. I consider it all holy work.

This is not a place where you have to form more good intentions, fail in observing them in the long run, beat yourself up over that and then gather more good intentions. No, it is a place where you are invited to slow down, relax, and ease the thoughts you have about yourself, the world, your friends and your enemies. Should you become a little wobbly from no longer having a tight sense of who you are, I am right here. I have been there. I love less tight, broken self images. Broken has a lot of room for light to shine through!

The goal in life of a Quero is to become a walking blessing to whatever and whoever he comes in contact with. The mesa helps him with this task.

I would be very happy if my work could become a tool in “your Mesa” (whatever that may look like), to ease your way to you becoming a walking blessing in your world.