The style of Yoga we practice is a restorative style of Hatha Yoga .

It was created by Francisco Kaiut and is popular in Brazil but at present is only taught in a few places outside Brazil. Kaiut yoga is all about freedom of movement and biomechanical health. Unlike most forms of yoga that emphasize stretching the muscles in unusual ways and advancing to more and more complex asanas, Kaiut Yoga's emphasis is to re-awaken the inherent intelligence of our bodies.

Kaiut Yoga consists of prolonged passive and active movements that help to first expose and then heal blockages and restrictions in the joints and tissues. Often we discover stiffnesses and lack of movement that in some cases have been with us since we were teenagers. Unnoticed, they create less than optimal movement patterns which eventually can create chronic pain as the body ages. In Kaiut yoga we proactively reverse this tendency.

The ultimate goal of Yoga is for our practice to translate into how we think, walk and move in everyday life. To assist our thoughts and our joints to stay healthy and age gracefully, staying present in the moment with ever increasing ease and grace.


Yoga Sequences 1


Get access to 4 virtual Yoga Lessons! Each lesson contains an audio clip with accompaniing diagrams to guide you through the movement sequences. 

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